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In the current global economic environment, financial institutions are facing some of their biggest challenges in history. Deteriorating credit markets and riskier lending places pressure on internal measures of control to realize cost reductions across all business and processes.

Banks have realized the importance of standardization both within each market’s business line and at the corporate level. The customer-centric approach is a solution to bridging these functional and geographic divides. This approach must include processes, technologies, people, metrics and a customer-oriented culture. Banks must ensure that the customer experience is consistent across different business units (i.e. private banking, credit cards, lending products, etc.).

Our core experience in consulting services is centered around the banking and financial services industry. We have worked with some of the major banks and other global financial services firms to find ways to optimize processes, re-organize businesses, consolidate operations and reduce costs.

Benefits of StratisBanking Services

By going deep into processes, technologies and organizational considerations, our expertise has helped our clients improve their customer experience while optimizing costs. This analysis helps to ensure that all of those factors are being used to achieve the ‘best in class’ standards and benchmarks of the financial services industry. Our understanding of the latest payment and mobile technologies has proven to be an important asset that our clients have successfully leveraged for their operations.

Some of the services Stratis offers to banks and financial services companies are: