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The payment sector is evolving toward a variety of channels (e.g. Apple Pay, Mobile Order, PayPal, Square, etc.) that are now competing with the traditional debit cards, credit cards and checks.

Combined with a low capital intensity infrastructure, the size of the market, its growth and the stable transaction volumes makes this industry highly profitable. In emerging markets, economic growth and increased consumer activity represent a great opportunity for payment companies which use mobile money applications.

Traditional credit card companies are reacting to these new competitors by increasing efficiency, creating additional value and improving the customer experience. New payment channel companies will need to flawlessly manage new service deployments to minimize any negative customer impact.


At Stratis, we have deep knowledge and extensive ‘hands-on’ experience with the end-to-end payment cycle. Our consultants have extensive experience in the traditional credit and debit card sectors as well as in the newest payment channels.

Benefits of StratisPayments Services


Credit Card Activation Improvement assesment

Credit Card Activation Improvement Assessment - we provide our customers with proven strategies to dramatically increase the activation conversion rate. We will review the existing processes and campaigns to propose actions which will stimulate activation and card first-usage.


First 100 days

First 100 Days – it has been proven that consumer behavior during the first 100 days determines average spend for the rest of a customer’s credit card lifecycle. At Stratis, we provide our clients with a series of actions that will engage new card members through different channels, frequencies and messages, and ultimately motivate credit card utilization.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience – we help our clients identify all the moments of truth (MOTs) across the credit card lifecycle. These MOTs are categorized around the added value generated to customers. Each MOT is carefully analyzed and redesigned from a customer-centric perspective.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance – we support our clients in designing an end-to-end quality assurance model. This model includes - on one side - the development of process measurement, standardization and documentation. The other side includes the design, implementation and management of the customer satisfaction surveys necessary to close the quality assurance loop.


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs – we support our clients in reviewing their existing loyalty programs and proposing new strategies that ensure profitability. Our experts use historical data to review current loyalty financial models and identify opportunities. We support our clients in designing, implementing and managing loyalty programs.


Call Center Engineering

Call Center Engineering – at Stratis, we know all of the major call center players in Latin American and most of those throughout the rest of the globe. We have visited hundreds of inbound and outbound call center operations for processes such as collections, customer service, and back office support. We understand how call center technology, infrastructure, metrics and people work together to efficiently deliver a superior customer experience.